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Cyclists cross the old U.S. 80 bridge in Vicksburg

Cyclists cross the old U.S. 80 bridge in Vicksburg. Photo by Paul Ingram.

Mississippi River Trail – Bicycle Trail

One of the longest bicycling trails in the United States follows the entire length of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River Trail offers 3,000 miles of bike and pedestrian paths as it follows the river from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. Much of the trail runs along paved roads. Avid cyclist Bob Robinson has written the Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail, now in its second edition.

Sections of the Mississippi River Trail are off limits to motorized vehicles. A portion of the trail in New Orleans, for example, runs atop the main river levee for more than 20 miles.

New Cycling Paths, Bike Tours, Events

New cycling paths are emerging along the lower river, and biking tours and events are on the rise: