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Restoring America’s Greatest River Initiative

This initiative focuses on implementing aquatic habitat restoration and river-access improvement projects. To date, 14 aquatic habitat projects have been completed and water flow has been restored to nearly 50 miles of side channels. Learn more about this initiative.

Lower Mississippi River Batture Reforestation Project

Monetary incentives are offered to landowners in the lower Mississippi River floodplain in order to reforest cleared land. These funds are available through the Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program (WREP). The project began in 2012 and has enrolled more than 10,000 acres thus far. Read more about this reforestation project.

Fishing the Lower Mississippi River

The guide is available as a PDF or Flash file and covers topics related to fishing freshwater habitats of the Lower Mississippi River main channel, side channels, floodplain lakes and chutes from Cairo, Illinois, to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. Learn more about the fishing guide.

  • Download the fishing guide (PDF, 7 MB)
  • Download the Flash version of the fishing guide (for laptops, desktop, or mobile device)

Lower Mississippi River Resource Assessment

This assessment looked at the types of information necessary for river-related management; the needs of natural habitats and the species they support; and the need for more river-related recreation and public access. The final study will be presented to Congress in a report. Learn more about this river resource assessment.

Lower Mississippi River Economic Profile

The Lower Mississippi River and its associated natural resources generate $151.7 billion in annual revenue and provide 585,000 jobs, according to a new profile produced for the Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee. Learn more about the LMR economic profile.